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’Wheelie’ exciting: SASI and Little Heroes Partner for the upcoming season!

Here at Little Heroes Foundation, we’ve always had a strong connection to sport. It was through sport and the Adelaide Crows that the foundation began over 22 years ago.

Since then, we have been lucky to have the continued support of some amazing athletes over the years including current ambassadors Anna Meares, Clare Lindop, Tom Lynch, Jake Lehmann, and more!

Now, Little Heroes Foundation is proud to be partnering with the South Australian Sports Institute’s cycling program (SASI) for the 2018/19 season!

The SASI team, which for years has proved the stepping stone for its athletes to rise through the national and international ranks, will ride for Little Heroes Foundation when they compete in both track and road events this season.

Our chairman Chris McDermott said he was thrilled to link with SASI, in what will be a fantastic partnership with one of SA’s elite sporting programs.

“I have an enormous respect for what cycling and SASI stands for,” he said.

“For us it is a great branding and a good relationship to have. I know that our kids and families can benefit from our partnership and to be able to meet and mix with champion cyclists.

“We have been involved with champion cyclists like Anna Meares and Rohan Dennis who have been pro-active in their support of Little Heroes.”

SASI Head Cycling Coach Brett Aitken said that the relationship between the Little Heroes Foundation and SASI provides excellent opportunities for the next up and coming cycling stars!

“SASI’s responsibility is not only to develop outstanding cyclists but develop outstanding people. We will be supporting the Little Heroes Foundation and helping where we can, providing an opportunity for our cycling team to contribute to a great South Australian charity”.

From all of us here at Little Heroes Foundation, welcome to all involved in the cycling program at SASI! We look forward to working with your team over the next year to help make a difference to the lives of some very worthy Little Heroes!