For the next 6 weeks, the Little Heroes Foundation office will have a new part-time staff member – Cruise!

Placid, relaxed, tolerant and at times, a bit goofy, Cruise is already having an impact, attending our weekly team meeting this morning to pitch his ideas for some upcoming fundraisers!

Cruise found his way to us through the Fostering Program with the Greyhound Adoption Program SA, matched with our Sponsorship and Events Manager Samantha thanks our current partnership campaign called Hounds For Heroes.

Cruise is one of the lucky greyhounds to be matched with his foster family, with over 100 other greyhounds currently living in basic kennels waiting for a family to show them the ways of domestic life, in preparation for finding their forever home.

We look forward to working with Cruise over the coming weeks and supporting him in his retirement and eventually, helping him find his forever home.