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Welcome Australian Divers, Lily Foster and Laura Hingston as Ambassadors

‘We welcome Elite Australian Divers, Lily Foster and Laura Hingston as our newest Ambassadors’.

You can join them for the City-Bay Fun Run this year.

Lily Foster

Lily has been involved in the sport of diving for over 11 years. She has been an Elite Diver with the South Australian Sports Institute since she was 14 years of age and is also a valued member of the Diving South Australia Board of Directors. She has competed nationally and internationally several times for the Women’s 10 Metre Platform event. In 2020, Lily was awarded the ‘Peoples Choice Credit Union Women in Sport Scholarship’.

Outside of the pool, Lily’s life revolves a lot around children working as an assistant educator at Happy Valley Primary School, and as a diving coach teaching the next generation of elite divers. Lily completed her degree in Journalism in 2020 at the University of Adelaide and is eager to pursue a career in broadcast television. Her love for news, sport, and storytelling partly stems from her current background as a full-time elite athlete. Lily says that recently over the years, issues revolving around mental health have become very evident not only among athletes, but in the wider community, and it is an area that would benefit from greater understanding and resources. Lily is passionate about supporting and giving back to a foundation that has done and will continue to do incredible work for South Australian children and families in more ways than one.

Laura Hingston

Laura is an Australian 10m platform diver, but that was not always the case. Previously an elite gymnast, she transferred through the VIS to Diving, after having career ending back surgery. Now, she is a member of the National Diving Team and regularly competes on the world stage in both the 10m Individual and Synchronised events. 

Realising the importance of having a dual career path, Laura has a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism and hopes to host and commentate at the major sporting events. Sometimes our greatest challenges are our greatest learning opportunities. Laura’s journey has seen many obstacles, but she continues to fight for what she believes in and is determined to live her dream. Away from the pool, Laura is passionate about giving back to her community and being a good role model to those around her. She regularly presents to schools and businesses, inspiring people to find their purpose, follow their dreams and to live life with passion.