Waikerie Football Club win the 2nd annual Australian Champions League

A huge congratulations to Waikerie for their sensational work in winning the 2017 Football Champions of the Australian Champions League edging out Barossa District in the final.

Conditions were favourable for great moments where all teams were able to bring a magnificent effort to the field. PAOC brought a superbly prepared and balanced game and yet in an astonishing upset were edged out of the Grand Final in the final round due to Moonta’s devastating defeat by Waikerie.

After a long day of hard and fast competition, the clash between Barossa District and Waikerie did not disappoint. Waikerie scored twice in the first 2 minutes. Barossa responded with passion but were unable to disrupt Waikerie’s unstoppable momentum eventually conceding the final by 38 points.

A massive thanks to everyone who came, but especially the teams that participated and the sponsors that were able to, once again, make this fantastic event a reality. Your support and donations will support our Little Heroes, as well as the incredible team at Captain Courageous Foundation!

See you next year for the 2018 Australian Champions League!

Full Results

Teams Winner
Pool A PAOC FC (4.9.33) vs Reynella (4.3.27) PAOC FC
Pool B Hahndorf (3.2.20) vs Barossa District (4.4.28) Barossa District
Pool A RSMU (0.0.0) vs Waikerie (5.8.38) Waikerie
Pool B PAOC (6.4.40) vs Moonta (3.5.23) PAOC
Pool A Reynella (0.1.1) vs Barossa District (7.6.48) Barossa District
Pool B RSMU (2.5.17) vs Hahndorf (5.2.32) Hahndorf
Pool A Waikerie (4.2.26) vs (3.6.24) Moonta Waikerie
FINAL Barossa District (0.2.2) vs Waikerie (6.4.40) WAIKERIE