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Smiles all around at special morning tea!

Easter is a special time of year for spending time with your family. Unfortunately though, serious illnesses don’t take holidays, and as a result, this weekend many families will spend time in hospital with their children as they undergo treatment.

Here at Little Heroes Foundation, we thought we would do our best to bring a little touch of Easter cheer to the children and families currently staying at the Michael Rice Centre, by hosting a special morning tea! With thanks to some amazing SA businesses including Fleurieu Milk Company, Schinella’s and Vili’s, we provided families with some yummy treats and a chance to take a short break from their routines. We had an amazing spread including some fresh hot cross buns, Easter eggs and chocolates, donuts, fresh fruit, flavoured milks and of course, some tea and coffee for the parents.

While it may not seem like much, we know that even taking just a small break can make a big difference. Plus we think it was all worth it just to see some gorgeous smiles on the faces of our Little Heroes, including a big one here from young crows fan Tyrell!

From all of us here at Little Heroes Foundation, we wish a very Happy Easter to all of our Little Heroes families, supporters and corporate partners this weekend!

Thank you to the following businesses for making Wednesday’s morning tea possible!