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Not All Heroes Wear Capes – Hannah’s Story

End of Financial Year is fast approaching and it is the perfect time to make a tax deductible donation to support our Little Heroes!
Your much appreciated donations will help support children just like Hannah…

Hannah was an active, bright 2.5 year old who had no previous medical issues and was seemingly healthy and happy. One morning, she woke with a stiff neck and after it persisted over a couple of days we took her to the GP who was unconcerned about her neck but noted that she was pale. A “just in case” blood test led to us being sent to the Royal Darwin Hospital, where we were told the life changing news of her illness. Hannah was suspected to have Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia and we were flown to SA the following day where her diagnosis was confirmed. Over the coming weeks as Hannah commenced intensive Chemotherapy we relocated to SA.

Little Heroes Foundation has become an agency that we have both depended upon and benefited from in numerous ways. We have received fortnightly cleaning services which has been a massive relief when we have been in and out of hospital and particularly over the time that we were moving back into our family home.

Hannah was also generously gifted some playground equipment through the “Alex’s Playground” program. This has provided an opportunity for outdoor play even through the times that she is too unwell to leave the house. It’s also been a great avenue for our son to burn some energy when we have been busy meeting Hannah’s care needs.

Both Hannah and Jack were invited to be a part of the Easter adventure held at the Adelaide Airport in April. They had an absolute blast and it was also a chance for me to connect with some other families travelling a similar journey to us. Involving siblings in activities such as this is really important to us as Hannah’s diagnosis and treatment has also been life changing for Jack and has impacted him in many ways.

Recently we have also utilised the free car parking near the Women’s and Children’s Hospital. This is a huge support given it usually costs $16 a day in parking to attend appointments and treatment.

We can’t thank Little Heroes enough for their ongoing support. The staff have been so accommodating, kind and efficient. They have helped us to meet the needs of both Hannah and Jack through this really difficult time in the most practical, thoughtful and generous way.

Click here to make a tax deductible donation to support Little Heroes Foundation this End of Financial Year.

Written by Hannah’s Mum, Nicole.

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