You’re never too young to talk about mental health.

It’s estimated up to 20 per cent of young children and adolescents experience a mental health condition. Half of all mental illnesses begin by the age of 14.

Additionally, with one in five adults diagnosed with a mental health condition, it’s children who are often most impacted and required to take on a greater carer role.

With that in mind, little heroes Foundation and Breakthrough Mental Health Research Foundation are teaming up to equip young school children with the skills they need to support and assist fellow students who are experiencing mental health concerns or bullying.

Together, we’re creating Little Heroes in the Playground.

This project will see Flinders University researchers trial the iPad learning based P.E.A.C.Eful MINDS Classroom Kit to 180 children (aged 8-12) in classrooms across six metropolitan and rural-based South Australian schools.

Through multi-media, games, activities and tip sheets, each class will be equipped with practical relationship and communication skills so they can play a role in early intervention and prevention for fellow students who have experienced trauma or challenges with their own mental health and well being, including school bullying.

This trial will also see a ‘Buddies Bench’ built at each school, for students to provide support to one another during the school day, including recess and lunch. The training program delivered by classroom teachers will provide students with the practical skills to speak with other students who are using the ‘Buddies Bench’.

Topics covered in the program include: Conflict resolution, resilience, relationship building, problem solving, optimism and mental health literacy.

This trial will be carried out during 2021.

For more information on ways your school can get involved, please call us on (08) 7099 3628.