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Jarman’s star shines bright in the EJ Whitten Legends Game at Adelaide Oval

Last Friday night, the EJ Whitten Legends game returned to Adelaide Oval for the first time since 1999.

In wintry conditions (a bit of a change from playing under the roof at Etihad Stadium for the last 18 years) the All Stars emerged 12 point winners against a star-studded Victorian side  – 1.15.10 (109) to 2.12.7 (97)

Fan favourite (and our Corporate Relations Manager) Tony Modra starred at full forward, finishing the night with 4 goals, as well as an attempted mark in the goal square on the shoulders of Jess Sinclair.

However Mods’ former Crow teammate Andrew Jarman stole the show in front of a home crowd that braved the wet conditions to support two worthy causes.

Up to his usual antics across half forward, Jars was everywhere in the first half of the game, including a brilliant run down tackle on Tom Lonergan, and a clever soccer goal in the last – not bad for a man 52 years young!

Former Sydney Swan Jude Bolton likely had a slower than usual start to his weekend, after being on a receiving end of a flattening tackle by Jarman in the centre, which sparked a jovial wrestle between Jars and AFL legend Tony Liberatore.


LEFT: Andrew Jarman lays a bone-crunching tackle on Jude Bolton. RIGHT: Jude Bolton and Brad Johnson celebrate a goal. (Photo credit APP/David Mariuz)

A checkside goal by Victorian captain Brad Johnson put the Vics in front for the first time in the second quarter, however a brilliant goal by the All Stars’ Darryl White provided the spark for the home team (including a double barrel celebration!)

Darryl White celebrating a goal from the boundary. (Photo credit: AFL Photos)

Andrew McLeod wound back the clock, arguably fitter than he was in his playing days.

Joel Smith was the stand out for the Vics, kicking three goals and a super goal (a 55m torp in the last quarter to bring the margin back to 5 points!)

400-gamer Dustin Fletcher was also in his element for the Vics, launching 65m torpedoes from the goal square for kick-ins.

Kicking the final goal of the night, and sealing the victory for the All Stars, was Port Adelaide legend Daniel Motlop, adding to his super goal earlier in the night.

The result sees the ledger between the All Stars and the Vics even out at 11 apiece (including one draw), raising the stakes just that little bit higher for next year’s clash!

More than just a game, the night also raised significant funds for the EJ Whitten Foundation, who in 2018 partnered with Little Heroes Foundation to bring their iconic game to Adelaide Oval, replacing our traditional Slowdown.

A big thank you from all of us here at Little Heroes Foundation to all involved in bringing the game to Adelaide, including EJW Foundation staff, event managers, sponsors, volunteers and the AFL. A special mention as well to those who braved the wintry conditions to support the game.

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All Stars

9 Pointers: D. Motlop

Goals: T.Modra 4, A.Jarman 2, D. Motlop, B.Ebert, B.Lake, D.White, B.Staker, C.Mooney, A.McLeod, A.McGrath

Final Playing Squad

1. Richard Champion. 2. Andrew Jarman. 3. Shaun McManus. 4. Daniel Motlop. 5. Scott Thompson. 6. Tony Modra. 7. Brett Ebert. 8. Alan Didak. 9. Ash McGrath. 10. Paul Williams. 11. Peter Burgoyne. 12. Paul Hasleby. 15. Adrian Fletcher. 17. Darryl White. 18. Sean Wellman. 20. Dean Brogan. 21. Cameron Mooney. 23. Andrew McLeod. 25. Sam Fisher. 26. Mark Bickley. 27. Dennis Armfield. 29. Shaun Smith. 32. Andrew Embley. 34. Troy Luff. 35. Chad Cornes (captain). 36. Brian Lake. 41. Brent Staker. 44. Nathan Bock.

Coach: Malcolm Blight
Assistant coaches: Graham Cornes, Neil Kerley, Gavin Wanganeen
Runner: Greg Blewett



9 pointers: C.Johnson, J.Smith

Goals: J.Smith 3, M. Lappin 3, B.Johnson 2, C.Brown, J.Bolton, T.Liberatore, D.Giansiracusa

Final Playing Squad

1. Matthew Primus. 2. Chris Johnson. 4. Brad Johnson (captain), 5. Austinn Jones. 6. Josh Gibson. 7. Luke Power. 9. Jess Sinclair. 11. Joel Smith. 12. Matthew Lappin. 13. Tom Lonergan. 14. Jason Johnson. 15. Daniel Harford. 16. Daniel Giansiracusa. 20. Drew Petrie. 21. Tony Brown. 24. Jude Bolton. 25. Ted Richards. 26. Ben Johnson. 28. Paul Dimattina. 30. Campbell Brown. 31. Dustin Fletcher. 32. Travis Cloke. 33. Kris Barlow. 34. Mark Graham. 39. Tony Liberatore. 43. Anthony Koutoufides.

Coach: Terry Wallace
Assistant coaches: Phil Maylin, Doug Hawkins
Runner: Damien Fleming