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Flotilla for Kids is just 2 weeks away!

Little Heroes Foundation is so excited to be bringing this fun and colourful event down to the Port again in 2017!

We are expecting Flotilla for Kids to be a wonderful start to our 2017 event calendar, with the weather forecast at 31º mostly cloudy, and just enough wind to see all the bright and colourful flags flying!

Flotilla for Kids is a fun day out on the water for our Little Heroes to participate in the largest flotilla of boats ever seen on the Port River. There will also be plenty of land-based entertainment for those watching from the dock with the Wild at Hart Markets and the Semaphore Market Association joining forces to bring the best local businesses down to the wharf!

In 2017, our new Corporate Relations Manager Tony Modra will be joining us out on the water, along with an anticipated 100 boats of all shapes and sizes!

On the day, participating boats will be leaving the Royal South Australian Yacht Squadron at 10am to meet in their assembly points in Outer Harbor. Boats coming from the Cruising Yacht Club of South Australia, and any other nearby yacht clubs are expected to meet at these assembly points at this time.

The Flotilla will depart between 10:30am and 10:45am, lead by the One and All and boats carrying some precious cargo; our Little Heroes, and will motor up the Port River into the heart of Port Adelaide. The Birkenhead, Diver Derrick ad Mary Mackillop Bridges are scheduled to be raised between 12:00pm and 2:00pm on the day to allow the Flotilla to sail through. Spectators are invited to attend the wharfside markets from 9:00am to enjoy some live music, face painters and family entertainment before the Flotilla arrives at approximately 12:00pm.  The Flotilla will turn around near the Port Adelaide Lighthouse and will salute the crowd along the wharf before making its way back to Outer Harbor.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Little Heroes Foundation would like to thank the community at Port Adelaide for continuing to support this event, as well as many local businesses who are donating their products or services for our Little Heroes to enjoy, including:


Flotilla for Kids is proudly sponsored by: