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Chopsie & Friends 24-hour Cycle

Every New Year’s Eve Ben sets himself a goal to achieve for the year ahead. Last year was to lose weight, become healthy and find his feet in a few different activities – he went all guns blazing and lost three pant sizes, that is a huge achievement. He found himself more energetic, more confident and overall, he began living a happier lifestyle. Ben was able to find energy to conquer the challenges that came forward, whether that was in the work place or at the gym.

This year Ben thought, instead of achieving this goal just for himself, why not do it for someone else or a charity? His friend spent a lot of time helping out Little Heroes Foundation and Ben thought this would be the perfect foundation to raise funds for. After a lot of brainstorming, he thought how about something like a 24-HOUR exercise bike challenge… 24 HOURS is a long time to be alone, so he has managed to find some friends to join in on the challenge as well – creating a total of 6 teams, all with the aim to reach 24-hours between them. 

Ben is 36 and has grown up in a very close family in Adelaide. He has had the opportunity to travel around the world, complete school, went to TAFE and got himself a trade. Ben had been thinking – “Yes, COVID-19 is here with us and yes people have lost loved ones from it, many people have been affected by it – whether that be work or lifestyle. However, there are a huge number of families that struggle out there with their children/kids being diagnosed with cancer daily. These kids may never see the world, may never ride a bike, may never go to school and there are plenty more MAY NEVERS to keep writing. Every dollar gets these foundations closer to finding new ways to keep these kids alive and have a smile on their faces”.

On the 26th of June at 10am Ben will begin his 24 hour challenge at 42-North Gym Kent Town. Be sure to come down and support the crew for a great cause! 

You can make a donation through his GoFundraise Page: Cycling for a cause | Ben O’Connell (Chopsie) (gofundraise.com.au)

Any contribution big or small will be greatly appreciated – the goal is to hit $24,000!

We will be posting regular updates on Chopsies journey. Be sure to show him your support and go and like his instagram: Chopsie & Friends 24Hour (@chopsie_n_friends_24hour_) • Instagram photos and videos