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Building Dreams Update: Foundation Preparation Continues

Earlier this month, we officially began the construction process for our upcoming Building Dreams project with Finesse Built!

Once the site preparation concluded in March, the digging for the trenches began earlier this month. As the trenches were completed, the first pipes were laid for the initial plumbing work.

Now, we are so excited to share some brand new photos of the site because … we have a concrete slab!! This is a major development for us, as we are able to see the full size of the home on the block for to the first time!

Soon, the major digging component of the build will begin, as we are excited to confirm the donation of a brand new pool, thanks to Daydream Pools! Valued at $20,000, this luxurious home will now feature a stunning pool for those hot summer days, and when you look at their previous work with Finesse Built, you can understand why we are so excited!

So far, we have been incredibly lucky to have many businesses jump on board to support this fundraising project, especially because the more donations we receive, the more money from the sale will go to those who need it most –  the seriously ill children and families we support! Staff at Little Heroes Foundation continue to be blown away by everyone’s generosity, to support a cause that is so close to our hearts.

Focusing on those who have worked on the build so far, Little Heroes Foundation would like to thank the following businesses for their donations towards the site preparation and foundation work:


Building Dreams is a project championed by Finesse Built, and has been made possible by the amazing support of the project’s major sponsors:


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