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Be an every day superhero, thanks to Zonte’s Footstep!

Here at Little Heroes Foundation, we are lucky to have the ongoing support of some very generous corporate supporters and we are very excited to welcome a new addition to our team – Zonte’s Footstep!

A proud, independent winery based in South Australia, Zonte’s Footstep approached Little Heroes Foundation earlier this year with an exciting idea – to offer discounts on their products while at the same time, donating part proceeds from every order to support our projects!

Little Heroes Foundation has cultivated strong relationships with many South Australian businesses in this way and we were thrilled that Anna and the team at Zonte’s Footstep connected with our cause and nominated us as their charity of choice.

So how does this work, you may ask?

Well, when you purchase any wines from the entire Zonte’s Footstep range through our special Little Heroes site, not only does your cellar get stocked up, you will also enjoy some extra special bonuses.

By placing your order through this online ordering page, you will receive 10% discount off the entire range of delicious wines (including free shipping on a dozen or more)…

And… the best part?

Zonte’s Footstep will also donate up to 15% of the total purchase to the Little Heroes Foundation to help us continue their ongoing and future work in the local community, helping seriously ill children and their families right here in SA!

Interested? CLICK HERE to navigate to our online ordering page, as well as find more info about all of the Zonte’s Footstep products.