’Alex’s Playground’ turns 4 today!

In 2013, Little Heroes Foundation launched a brand new initiative as part of our Little Heroes Care program called Alex’s Playground.

This new program provides seriously ill children and families with their own backyard play equipment. Treatments such as chemotherapy can leave a child’s immune system so depleted that vising any public place can be fraught with danger, including the local playground. Picking up a simply bug from another child can lead to life threatening complications for children undergoing treatments for a serious illness.

Through Alex’s Playground we hope that families can get outside and play, and enjoy a simple pleasure that serious illness commonly takes away from them. We also know that when play brings a smile to a seriously ill child’s face, it can give their parents strength to face the challenging days ahead.

This initiative was inspired by Little Hero Alex, who was diagnosed with a brain tumor when he was just three-years-old, and underwent surgery and chemotherapy.

Unfortunately for Alex, the placement and size of the tumour caused him to lose his vision, while the treatments have affected his hearing and mobility. Since completing his treatment, Alex requires regular monitoring, which mean trips to the Women’s and Children’s Hospital once every 3 to 4 months for an MRI scan.

Alex is now 7-years-old, and we are so happy to share with you that his latest scan has come back with some great news! His results show that there are no new lesions and no change to the existing ones, which may mean Alex and his family can increase the time between scans to 6 months! Alex gives that two big thumbs up and so do we!

For more details on Alex’s latest results, click here to read Phil and Jo’s latest blog post.

Little Heroes Foundation has proudly supported Alex and many other children just like him for more than 20 years. Your generosity allows us to continue this support so that children and families have access to the very best care. Every little bit counts and you can help by making a donation, sharing our story and fundraising to make a difference, volunteering at events and much more!