Fundamental Nutrition Partnership

Supporting Nutritional Health Awareness in South Australia.

Little Heroes Foundation is excited to announce an exciting new partnership with Nicole James from Fundamental Nutrition, looking to educate people on the importance of food as medicine.

It has been a long term ambition of LHF to find a like-minded person who understands and can effectively educate on the true value of nutrition, and we have found one in Nicole.  LHF Founder and Chairman Chris McDermott is excited to see an expansion of our current support services through Nicole

“I have known Nicole and her husband Jason for several years now and have been waiting for the right time to approach her about a possible union between our two organisations. He said, when discussing how the partnership came about.

“She beat me to the punch and here we are!”

Nicole, the founder of Fundamental Nutrition, is a clinical nutrition expert and strongly believes that we can all take control of our health through making better lifestyle choices.  

“If only people knew the way nutrients were assimilated and worked in synergy with the body, then perhaps they would not become victims to their health circumstances.” She said, when discussing the importance of nutrition education. Nicole believes it is the lack of education that keeps people from making better lifestyle choices.

Nicole has her own practice, but is at her best running workplace presentations and delivering corporate wellbeing seminars aimed to raise the awareness of nutrition and its effect on chronic disease and mental health.

“Nutrition and mental health are so related and there is a lot of research now showing that changing your diet can lift depression and anxiety, this is almost always overlooked!”

Nicole says “working with an organisation that truly cares about the health and wellbeing of people” is the motivation behind her partnering with Little Heroes Foundation and is looking forward to working with Chris and his team to create a healthy, vibrant Australia.

Call Little Heroes Foundation on (08) 7099 3628 to book a presentation from Nicole
or to find out more on Fundamental Nutrition click here.