Foster a Greyhound

Introducing Hounds for Heroes...

... Launching an exciting new partnership with the Greyhound Adoption Program SA

Little Heroes Foundation is excited to be partnering with the Greyhound Adoption Program SA, an organisation that aims to help re-home retired greyhounds within the local community.

Until December 31st 2019, people and families who are interested in helping foster a greyhound for 6 weeks that register through our Little Heroes Application Form will see a GAPSA make a $1,000 donation to Little Heroes Foundation when their greyhound passes their Green Collar Assessment. That's right! All you have to do is help a greyhound find their forever home and at the same time, you will be making a difference to the lives of seriously ill children and their families right here in SA!

So why become a foster carer? Will it work for me and my family?

Foster caring is a great option for those who cannot or do not wish to have a dog full time, or who just love extra canine company! As part of the fostering process, once registered through our form, the team at GAPSA will match you with a greyhound that suits your current circumstances. This includes whether you have existing pets or small children in the home.

What is provided?

All essentials are provided as part of the fostering program, such as food, their bed, a coat for the winter months, a collar, and a lead. Everything you need to be a successful foster carer is provided to you free of charge!

What do I need to do?

Greyhounds thrive in a loving home during their foster period, as it helps them make the adjustment during their transition into domestic life. Depending on your circumstances, a greyhound is usually placed with you within approximately 2 weeks of your successful application. Once your greyhound has passed their Green Collar Assessment, it generally takes about 1-2 weeks of matching to find your new canine 'graduate' their forever home.

If you would like to fill in our special application form, click the button below.

Or for some more information about the fostering program, including what's involved and how to get started, please CLICK HERE!

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Successful foster stories and feedback...

So far, our Hounds for Heroes Campaign has help re-home two greyhounds, and we are looking to increase that number as more people are introduced to these calm, four-legged friends. Read their stories below:

Emma - Fostered by Tana and John

Emma (pictured with foster carers Tana and John, and her new adoptive owner) was the first official foster as part of the Hounds for Heroes Campaign, after Tana and John were introduced to the program through our connection with the team at Finesse Built.

Both Tana and John thoroughly enjoyed their experience fostering, saying that "every moment with her [Emma] was funny and full of joy. She was just wonderful!"

Their advice to anyone considering fostering a greyhound was the "just do it, it is a great experience. Nothing scary at all and it is very rewarding!"

Cruise - fostered by Sam and Matt

In early February, our Sponsorship and Events Manager Samantha decided to foster a greyhound as part of the partnership to give our team a true insight into the program and how the fostering process works. After providing information about her existing pets and work schedule, Sam was matched with Cruise, an ex-racing greyhound who was to become a part of team Little Heroes for the next few weeks until he was ready to go for his green collar assessment.

Beautiful Cruise had an amazing impact on our team in the office with his funny habits, love of stealing staff lunches, and a preference for sleeping in the hallway instead of his bed. We all loved watching him adapt to domestic life and his ability to transition so quickly was recognised by his early assessment in March for his green collar.

After a sad farewell from our team, along with his foster sister Indi (pictured), Cruise has officially moved in with his new family in late March and is already settling in to his retirement.

When talking aobut Cruise and the program, Samantha was overwhelmingly positive about the whole experience, saying that although it can be sad to see them go, helping these greyhounds with the transition to their domestic life is incredibly rewarding.

“He’s been such a beautiful boy to have around and seeing him come out of his shell so much in the 4 weeks we’ve had him has been amazing."

“Although it’s extremely tough to let him go, we know we’ve done the right thing by helping him transition into a ‘home’ environment."

"Please consider fostering if you can! As you can see Indi (our dog) got along with him just fine and he settled in so well.”

If you are interested in fostering a greyhound or learning more about these beautiful canines, joining our Hounds for Heroes partnership is a great way to make a difference to not only the lives of greyhounds in need, but also our Little Heroes and their families right here in SA.