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Kokoda Trek - Anzac Day Adventure 2021

Event Start Date: 18/04/2021 12:00 AM

Event End Date: 29/04/2021 11:59 PM

Trek Kokoda over Anzac Day in 2021!

Join team Little Heroes on the trek of a lifetime in 2021


In 2021, Little Heroes Foundation is excited to be organising a team of trekkers to again conquer the infamous Kokoda Track, after the cancellation of the 2020 trek due to cover-19.

While the Gallipoli Campaign during World War I was Australia’s first military test as a new nation, the Kokoda Campaign represented the first time in the nation’s history that its security was directly threatened.

The Kokoda Campaign is recognised as a turning point in the war, and has not only rightfully cemented itself in Anzac Legend, but has also created an incredible bond between Australia and Papua New Guinea.

For many, the military history of the Kokoda track is the prime motivator, however it is interaction with the local culture and stunning tropical wilderness that makes this trek so special.

Following the success of our 2017 tour, which raised in excess of $76,000 for our Little Heroes, we have decided to put together another team of trekkers to tackle the Kokoda Track.


Our 2021 Adventure Tour will have an additional special meaning, as our team will travel from April 18th to the 29th, meaning the trek will include an Anzac Day ceremony to commemorate the sacrifice of Australian and New Zealand soldiers.

Our Sponsorship and Events Manager Samantha will touch base with you with more details about the trek, such as travel costs and fundraising requirements.

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Some messages and feedback from our 2017 trekkers …

“Our Kokoda adventure has come to an end but what an amazing, unforgettable and emotional experience we all had. Easily the most challenging thing I've ever done both physically and mentally. I was lucky enough to do it with a great bunch of people who encouraged each other the whole way through.”

- Melissa McKenzie

“Not only was it physically and mentally demanding, it was also extremely rewarding. Every hill, either going up or down was really hard, but you get to the top or bottom and look at it and think, wow, I just did that!

I've made some lifelong friends along the way, who I laughed and cried with, and our team were absolutely amazing and supportive the whole trip. A huge thanks to Gareth our trek leader and to poor Terry, my porter who had to carry all my stuff, and I had a lot of stuff!”  

- Ronnette Davies

"I cannot even comprehend what we just encountered and completed. The trek was the most rewarding, exhausting, emotional experience of my life.

Our PNG porters/crew were unbelievable. Their smiling faces every morning, singing all day and hilarious persona got us over the finish line. They saved us on every slip whether it was up or down and we felt so safe having them with us. The villages and local PNG people were beautiful. They made us feel so welcome and taught us so much about their culture and our war history.

The relationship between PNG and Australia is incredible and I encourage anyone who has ever thought about doing Kokoda, to definitely do it! We laughed, cried, sweat and endured pain but it was so so worth it! Lest we forget.”

- Samantha Tedmanson

“It was one of the most challenging experiences I’ve ever had, both physically and mentally … but we did it!

Steep inclines and declines down and up mountains that seem to last forever. 10 hour days at times trekking through the slippery jungle. The emotional history and stories of our Australian soldiers, the friendships made that will last a lifetime, the PNG people and culture, the stinky smells of wearing the same clothes over the last 10 days, the joy of knowing together we raised over $75,000 for the Little Heroes Foundation, and the gratitude and appreciation I have for all the small things in life!

To my heroes, dad and brother Scott who joined me on this epic adventure and got me through it I'm so proud of you. And a massive thank you to our supportive families over the past few months in our training and time away. An experience I'll cherish forever.”

- Chelsea Randall


I would like to take this opportunity to thank my beautiful and dearest friend Melissa McKenzie for inviting me to share this lifetime experience with her and meet the most amazing people. Thank you everyone for all your support, encouragement and silliest humour which got me through the most challenging moments.

I would also like to thank my porter Lukeson who managed to save my butt many times, keep me hydrated and humour me with his infectious laugh - what a legend!! Now as I sit back and settle back into reality, I look through the photos and feel so blessed and privileged to share this amazing experience with you all - lifetime memories and wonderful friendships gained.”

- Anna Rubacha