Buying gifts for those you love can be hard, especially when you’re met with ‘please don’t get me anything, there’s nothing I want!’

Here are Little Heroes Foundation, we say why not give a gift that will really make a difference to someone’s life?

Donations in lieu of gifts are a great and memorable way to celebrate your special event, whether it’s a birthday, wedding, anniversary, or even a special holiday like Christmas or Easter!
This type of donation is limited only by your imagination!

Click here to be redirected to our donation page, where you can make a donation in celebration of your loved one! You will also have the opportunity to purchase a special card, designed by our Little Hero Meg.

Make a donation here

Set up your own gifts in lieu fundraising page


Asking friends and family to make a donation in lieu of a gift is a wonderful way to make a difference for our Little Heroes. You can take pride in knowing that this year, your birthday gave support to seriously ill children and their families going through tough times.

There are two ways to do this.

  1. Click Here and set up a fundraising page for friends and family to donate to in celebration of your birthday.

  2. Host a party and collect donations at the event. Little Heroes Foundation can supply you with donation envelopes, which guests can fill out on the day. We will be able to send through a tax deductible receipt as well as let you know how much you raised on your special day. Be sure to let us know if you would like to arrange these envelopes for your event by contacting our dedicated team at