Building Dreams Project Supporters

Throughout 2018 and 2019, Finesse Built and Little Heroes Foundation will be embarking on a brand new fundraising project - we're building a house!

Championed by the amazing team at Finesse Built, this home will be a major fundraiser for Little Heroes Foundation, with proceeds from the auction of the home supporting the ongoing work carried out by our Little Heroes Care program.

About the Project

Following the donation of a block of land, Finesse Built approached Little Heroes Foundation with an exciting idea - to build a luxury home with the support of many labourers, suppliers and tradesman, and auction it off for our cause.

The project has a special meaning for Matt Beckwith, the Director of Finesse Built, with the young daughter of a close friend being diagnosed with an aggressive cancer known as Neuroblastoma.

Working closely with talented designers, this Finesse Built home will be sharp and stylish, and across the two storeys, will feature a large master bedroom suite on the lower level, three spacious bedrooms, plus a glamorous kitchen. With the interior designed by Alisa and Lysandra, this build will present modern living at its best to the lucky new homeowners.

The home will also feature a pool, which has been kindly donated by Daydream Pools, and is valued at a whopping $20,000!

So who is making this all happen? As passionate as Finesse Built are about giving back to their local community, they knew this project would need some significant support in order to make it all worth while.


From the beginning of the project, the following organisations have been involved as major sponsors:


Plus, an amazing group of contributing businesses have jumped on board to support this project, including: