I Am Worthmore Partnership

Supporting Mental Health Awareness in South Australia.

In 2019, Little Heroes Foundation is excited to be partnering with SA-based organisation I Am Worthmore, who support continued conversation around mental health, aiming to create a mentally healthy community.

Here at Little Heroes Foundation, we recognise the growing importance of mental health awareness and preparedness, and this pro-active partnership will be facilitating workshops and awareness campaigns to help create communities that are better equipped to look after themselves and others in need. For our Little Heroes families, being a part of a supportive and mentally healthy community can make a huge difference in the overall wellbeing of themselves and their family. This is especially important throughout the early stages of diagnosis and treatment.

This partnership is also working towards the development of more mental health services that will support people aged 18 and under, to understand how to recognise and respond to their own mental health challenges, and giving them the tools to look after themselves and their peers.

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For years now, our vision has remained the same – to support seriously ill children and their families here in SA. This partnership comes about as part of our Little Heroes Care Program, the service arm of Little Heroes Foundation, where we work closely with like-minded charities and medical institutions to provide practical services such as medical, educational and financial support.

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